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NWOffset Valley Print Shop / Print Production Facility in the Making!

Thank you Baker Construction and Inland Film Company!

Northwest Offset Print currently has a pressroom with 12 units on a 1981 Goss Metro cut down to 11” pages and two 1995 TKS color towers cut down to 11” pages on each end, two Imperial 3:2 Goss double-out folders with a 22 ¾” cut-off, as well as 4 towers on a Quad-Stack Press (capable of printing up to 17” wide tab pages) and a matching Atlas folder with an optional quarter-fold attachment, also 22 ¾” cut-off. Our new print facility will have an 8 tower, 2001 Goss Magnum Press, with 2 Universal 45 folders, one of which will have a quarter-fold attachment. As well as heat set capability on at least one web of 4 pages broadsheet, and all towers are capable of multiple page widths with a 22” cut-off,  so basically 32 pages of broadsheet in 1 pass at multiple web widths. We are able to produce small and large quantity broadsheets, quarter-folds, flexis, tabloid and long tab publications for you. Also coming mid summer of 2020, Magazine quality printing off of and M600 Press!! We're proud to continue to be your local printer!