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Northwest Offset Printing has a Prepress Department that is prepared to assist our commercial print customers with their current or ongoing publications. We have an easy file uploading process that allows hassle free output, proofing and computer to plate functionality. Our proprietary workflow system, optimizes your files for plating and printing, easing the production process with customized, imposition software, suited to your jobs specifications.

NWOP is now printing in High Definition FM! We use Stochastic screen (also called a Staccato or FM) printing process. This commercial printing method produces more life-like representations, a broader CYMK color gamut, creating an appearance of sharper, higher resolution printing on newsprint, hiBrite and gloss papers.

FM = Frequency modulated screening. A screening process in commercial printing, that works with very small pixels, (in microns) of the same size. The image reproduction is achieved by varying the density of the dots. Light image areas have fewer pixels, deep image areas, shadows, have more.

In contrast, the conventional AM screening (amplitude-modulated screening) method, controls the image reproduction by varying the dot sizes and screen angle. FM, Staccato screens have randomly placed dots, this eliminates the screen angle problem, therefore eliminating the moirés and rosettes patterns that effect the look of the printed product.

The benefits of Staccato Printing are better registration, better image quality with less blurring, no moiré patterns, cost efficiency, to name a few. Keep your eyes out for the products rolling off our press, we're sure the change will be a noticeable difference from the conventional AM printing offered by most other commerial printers! We offer both screening methods, depending on the quality or the product's needs. Nothing needs done on the customer side, our workflow does it for us. You can count on our Prepress team to select the proper curves and screens that will make your publication stand out.


                                                                                        Conventional AM Screen      Staccato FM Screen Pattern

Our Prepress offers great customer service, attention to detail and quality control that helps pinpoint oversights before your press run. Northwest Offset has a Prepress team, that takes it upon themselves to track and follow your job as it moves through the production process, ensuring a successful finished project to your satisfaction.

Customers who have an account set up with Northwest Offset Printers, can upload their files, provided they have their user login and password.